“This is our second year here and it was just as wonderful as the first. The weather was perfect, the houses are so comfortable and beautiful and the staff is fantastic. They have really taken care of us with the best food and making it a great vacation for all of us. We snorkeled and paddled away every day! It’s been an unforgettable week!

Tucker Family - Casa Soleada

“A wonderful time had by all! My girlfriend and I loved Casa Soleada and the gracious hospitality and superb cooking from the staff. This is my 3rd vacation to Casa Soleada and it never disappoints.”

Anne & Geri - Casa Soleada

“Great trip, great weather, great people, great food. A great family vacation.”

S. Kays - Casa Soleada

“This was one of my favorite vacations of far and I am so glad we got to spend it on this property. The warmth of the staff was so welcoming. We’ve had some incredible meals here. These memories will surely remain for me.”

Eliza - Casa Soleada

“OMG, this trip might be above all the others. There were 11 of us and we had just the right amount of space. The comforting care of the staff was impeccable and snorkeling, swimming, paddle boarding, kayaking was sooooooo fun.”

Avan - Casa Soleada

“All worries and stress are gone. Thanks again. The meals were so good. We’ll share this place with our friends.”

The Kissells - Casa Soleada

“Amazing! Truly a slice of paradise. Quiet (no city type noise), star packed night sky, peaceful soothing waves, beach that can’t be beat. More delicious food prepared by the staff. Such a treat to have the meals prepared and a clean house! Casa Soleada is the best find!”

The Johnsons - Casa Soleada

“We were here to celebrate my fathers 70th birthday and we had such a wonderful time. Swimming, snorkeling, playing at Xel-Ha, swimming, exploring the ruins, watching the turtles hatch and make their way to the sea – AMAZING!”

Launens, Shepherds, Humyadis - Casa Soleada

“This is our 3rd trip to Casa Soleada. The staff were all incredible people who will show you the hidden beauty of this place. The Casa Cenote Margarita rewards amply…before it punishes harshly. :)”

The DeShansens - Casa Soleada

“A friend suggested the house to us and we had such an amazing time. We enjoyed the beach walks, waves crashing and beautiful sun rises. This place really knows how to take care of you. They have everything you could think of and the food is amazing.”

Jen & Colton - Casa Soleada